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The A-10 Will Not Be Replaced By The F-35

A US Air Force spokeswoman just confirmed a huge win for Congress and the infantry who have come to know and love the A-10 Warthog, telling Defense News that the beloved flying gun would not be retired.

Could it be the fact that the F-35 can’t shoot at the ground?  I mean that would seem to be an important feature.

Source: US Air Force makes it official: A-10 will not be retired for the F-35 – Business Insider

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Trump’s Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia Is Bad, But Not Unique

Reuters, September 7th 2016

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration has offered Saudi Arabia more than $115 billion in weapons, other military equipment and training, the most of any U.S. administration in the 71-year U.S.-Saudi alliance, a report seen by Reuters has found.

The report, authored by William Hartung of the U.S.-based Center for International Policy, said the offers were made in 42 separate deals, and the majority of the equipment has yet to be delivered. Hartung told Reuters the report would be made available publicly on Sept. 8.

The report said U.S. arms offers to Saudi Arabia since Obama took office in January 2009 have included everything from small arms and ammunition to tanks, attack helicopters, air-to-ground missiles, missile defense ships, and warships. Washington also provides maintenance and training to Saudi security forces.

Source: Obama administration arms sales offers to Saudi top $115 billion: report | Reuters

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Trump Wants Arab NATO, Big Saudi Arms Sale

What could go wrong?  I mean it’s not like our enemies have used our weapons against us in the past or anything.

When President Trump arrives in Riyadh this week, he will lay out his vision for a new regional security architecture White House officials call an “Arab NATO,” to guide the fight against terrorism and push back against Iran. As a cornerstone of the plan, Trump will also announce one of the largest arms-sales deals in history.Behind the scenes, the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia have been conducting extensive negotiations, led by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The discussions began shortly after the presidential election, when Mohammed, known in Washington as “MBS,” sent a delegation to meet with Kushner and other Trump officials at Trump Tower.

Source: Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia – The Washington Post

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Chelsea Manning Has Been Released.

Today is a very good day.

Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst behind one of the largest classified information leaks in US history, was released from military prison early Wednesday morning, an Army spokeswoman said.She was released from United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas around 3 a.m. ET, Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson told CNN.Amnesty International, which had campaigned for Manning’s release, was quick to applaud the decision.”While we celebrate her freedom, we will continue to call for an independent investigation into the potential human rights violations she exposed, and for protections to be put in place to ensure whistleblowers like Chelsea are never again subjected to such appalling treatment,” a statement said.

Source: Chelsea Manning released from prison – CNNPolitics.com

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Most Americans Can’t Find North Korea On A Map

Aside from showing that the majority of Americans are terrible at geography – hardly news – the NYT provided the following details explaining why the study was conducted: respondents who could correctly identify North Korea tended to view diplomatic and nonmilitary strategies more favorably than those who could not. These strategies included imposing further economic sanctions, increasing pressure on China to influence North Korea and conducting cyberattacks against military targets in North Korea.

The important bit is here, though…

They also viewed direct military engagement – in particular, sending ground troops – much less favorably than those who failed to locate North Korea, according to the NYT report.

In other words, if you’re educated enough to know where the target is, you’re also smart enough to recognize that shooting at it is a bad idea.

Oh, and the group most likely to know where it is, which by extension means the group least likely to favor military action?  Republicans.  Not Democrats.

And the age group that identified North Korea most correctly?  The people old enough to remember the last time we stuck our nose in there.

Source: 1,746 American Adults Were Asked To Point Out North Korea On A Map: This Was The Result | Zero Hedge