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Trump Wants Arab NATO, Big Saudi Arms Sale

What could go wrong?  I mean it’s not like our enemies have used our weapons against us in the past or anything.

When President Trump arrives in Riyadh this week, he will lay out his vision for a new regional security architecture White House officials call an “Arab NATO,” to guide the fight against terrorism and push back against Iran. As a cornerstone of the plan, Trump will also announce one of the largest arms-sales deals in history.Behind the scenes, the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia have been conducting extensive negotiations, led by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The discussions began shortly after the presidential election, when Mohammed, known in Washington as “MBS,” sent a delegation to meet with Kushner and other Trump officials at Trump Tower.

Source: Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia – The Washington Post

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WSJ Editorial Board: “Comey Deserved Dismissal”

The President will now pay a larger political price for waiting, as critics question the timing of his action amid the FBI’s probe of his campaign’s alleged Russia ties. Democrats are already portraying Mr. Comey as a liberal martyr, though last October they accused him of partisan betrayal.The reality is that Mr. Comey has always been most concerned with the politics of his own reputation. He styles himself as the last honest man in Washington as he has dangled insinuations across his career about the George W. Bush White House and surveillance, then Mrs. Clinton and emails, and now Mr. Trump and Russia. He is political in precisely the way we don’t want a leader of America’s premier law-enforcement agency to behave.

A lot of good points in this one.  Go read.

Source: WSJ Defends Comey Ouster: “Comey Deserved Dismissal” | Zero Hedge

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Colbert Makes Gay Joke, Catches Praise Because Target Was Trump & Putin

Stephen Colbert, who totally has a late night talk show you guys, called Donald Trump Vladimir Putin’s “cock holster.”

Let me know the day a right-winger can make that joke and not be called homophobic.

Now to be clear, I don’t care if this nobody with shit ratings makes a gay joke, but you can bank on the fact that if someone else made one he’d be leading the mob, pitchfork and torch in hand, as would his friends.

Source: [WATCH] Stephen Colbert Skins Donald Trump Over Q&A Insults To John Dickerson | Deadline

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Nate Silver: Utah May Already Be Blue

But Silver told the Deseret News in an exclusive interview that he’s not just fascinated by the Beehive State, but constantly surprised by it because it looks and breathes like a blue state, even though it’s traditionally red.“In some ways, it increasingly has the markers of a blue state, meaning high education levels, big tech sector, young population. So you can kind of envision a world in eight years, 12 years, 16 years in which Utah behaves more like Colorado or something, right?” he said.

As a reminder, Silver got both the primary and general election grossly wrong, admitting after the GOP primary that he let his own biases get in the way of his objective analysis.

Source: Could Utah become a blue state? Why expert Nate Silver says it already is | Deseret News

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The #resistance Is A House of Cards

David nails it, takes it down, then nails it again.

What seems to most vex critics of the anti-anti-Trump contingent (and I am mentioned in the Atlantic piece) is that conservatives aren’t appropriately agitated about the world that liberals see — a world that has turned out to be far less apocalyptic in the early going than they imagine. But if it’s a zero-sum choice they’re offering, that includes picking Neil Gorsuch over Planned Parenthood; tax cuts over teachers unions; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran’s Holocaust deniers; deregulation of the bureaucratic state over legislation, or forcing progressive cultural mores on everyone. And so on.

Source: Why The Resistance Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To Donald Trump

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Trump: “No Reason” to look into civil asset forfeiture.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday there was “no reason” to curb law enforcement agencies that seize cash, vehicles and other assets of people suspected of crimes, a practice that some lawmakers and activists have criticized for denying legal rights.

The issue of civil asset forfeiture, created to disrupt the activities of organized crime groups, arose when sheriffs from around the United States told Trump at a White House meeting that they were under pressure to ease the practice.

Note the key word there.  Suspected.  Not convicted.  Not sentenced.  Suspected.

So if, for example, Donald was suspected of…  Oh…  I don’t know…  Tax evasion, they could theoretically take his Tower.  Because, as you know, suspicion = guilt, right Donald?

Source: Trump questions lawmakers’ efforts to curb asset seizures by police | Reuters