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Teaching Assistant Dares to Show Snowflakes An Argument They Don’t Like; School Disciplines

Universities are not for education any more; they’re for indoctrination.

The article is at the link below, but for even more context check out Matt Christiansen’s video on the subject.

via Graduate Instructor Who Showed Gendered-Pronoun Debate to Class Is Basically Hitler, Says School – Hit & Run :

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Colbert Makes Gay Joke, Catches Praise Because Target Was Trump & Putin

Stephen Colbert, who totally has a late night talk show you guys, called Donald Trump Vladimir Putin’s “cock holster.”

Let me know the day a right-winger can make that joke and not be called homophobic.

Now to be clear, I don’t care if this nobody with shit ratings makes a gay joke, but you can bank on the fact that if someone else made one he’d be leading the mob, pitchfork and torch in hand, as would his friends.

Source: [WATCH] Stephen Colbert Skins Donald Trump Over Q&A Insults To John Dickerson | Deadline

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All Players in the Milo Story are Wrong.

Everyone is wrong in this Milo Yiannopoulos story. Every last person and organization and company is wrong. You may be tangentially aware of this, or only paying attention to it to the degree it crowds your social feeds, but “Breitbart” was the number one trending topic yesterday so I take it most of you are aware of what’s gone on. To say everyone is wrong is the easiest way to summarize it, but it is the only way to convey the degree of wrongness going on right in front of all of us. It also has the benefit of being accurate.

Source: Everyone Is Wrong About Milo And CPAC