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Joy Reid: Victim

Joy Reid, MSNBC host and reliably aggrieved boob tweeted about Wikileaks and their reliability.  Unfortunately for Reid, the founder of Wikileaks is active on Twitter and corrected her attack on his organization’s credibility, so did she take the correction in stride and move on?  I just told you she works for MSNBC.  Why are you asking?


Brilliant. He responds to her bullshit, she accuses him of stalking and harassment then calls him a coward. Butthurt much, Joy?

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“Tone Policing” And The Left’s Anger Privelege | Zero Hedge

There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t.

James Hodgkinson’s rage was socially acceptable. It continued to be socially acceptable until he crossed the line into murder. And he’s not alone. There’s Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Dallas, and Gavin Long, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Baton Rouge. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about the Terror travel ban, the Paris Climate treaty, ObamaCare repeal or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels. But if you’re white and angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable.

If you’re an angry leftist, your party leader, Tom Perez will scream and curse into a microphone, and your aspiring presidential candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, will curse along, to channel the anger of the base. But if you’re an angry conservative, then Trump channeling your anger is “dangerous” because you aren’t allowed to be angry.

Not all anger is created equal. Some anger is privileged rage.

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Source: “Tone Policing” And The Left’s Anger Privelege | Zero Hedge

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All Players in the Milo Story are Wrong.

Everyone is wrong in this Milo Yiannopoulos story. Every last person and organization and company is wrong. You may be tangentially aware of this, or only paying attention to it to the degree it crowds your social feeds, but “Breitbart” was the number one trending topic yesterday so I take it most of you are aware of what’s gone on. To say everyone is wrong is the easiest way to summarize it, but it is the only way to convey the degree of wrongness going on right in front of all of us. It also has the benefit of being accurate.

Source: Everyone Is Wrong About Milo And CPAC

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The #resistance Is A House of Cards

David nails it, takes it down, then nails it again.

What seems to most vex critics of the anti-anti-Trump contingent (and I am mentioned in the Atlantic piece) is that conservatives aren’t appropriately agitated about the world that liberals see — a world that has turned out to be far less apocalyptic in the early going than they imagine. But if it’s a zero-sum choice they’re offering, that includes picking Neil Gorsuch over Planned Parenthood; tax cuts over teachers unions; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran’s Holocaust deniers; deregulation of the bureaucratic state over legislation, or forcing progressive cultural mores on everyone. And so on.

Source: Why The Resistance Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To Donald Trump

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Leftists Go After ACLU For Defending Milo

Lefists are an unprincipled joke.  Of course they’re using an amazingly simplistic logic: Milo = hate speech therefore he should be no-platformed, but that’s not the way it works snowflakes.

What you’re seeing is the outrage when the coddled snowflakes start having to cope outside of a world protected by college administrators and speech codes.

The American Civil Liberties Union is being slammed defending the right of Milo Yiannopoulos to free speech.Posting on Twitter, the ACLU account signal boosted the tweets of one of its lawyers, Lee Rowland, who said it was important to protect speech—even speech we personally disagree with—to prevent the First Amendment from devolving into a popularity contest.

Both the official ACLU Twitter account and Rowland were mobbed by outraged social justice warriors who told them they were wrong to defend his basic rights.

Their arguments were replete with hyperbole denouncing him as some kind of homosexual Nazi whose words will usher in a very gay and very fabulous Fourth Reich. The hysteria couldn’t, of course, be farther from the truth.

Source: Liberals Attack ACLU for Defending Milo Yiannopoulos’ Right to Free Speech | Heat Street