Irish Scientists Link Area of the Brain With ASD Diagnoses

A team of scientists has discovered that a particular region of the brain is affected in those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They believe that finding the brain region which causes social deficits in those with the condition could point towards new types of therapies.The team included scientists based at ETH Zürich, Trinity College Dublin, Oxford University and Royal Holloway.They ran MRI brain scans on people with ASD, and on healthy volunteers, in an attempt to track down the brain region linked to some of the behaviours seen in those with ASD and find differences between the two groups.

Source: Dublin-based scientists find an area of the brain linked to autism


Porn Doesn’t Lessen Love for Partners.

Yet another “study” that is “accepted science” whose results can’t be reproduced.  You know what that means?  It ain’t science.

A study from the 1980s found that heterosexual men who viewed images of Playboy and Penthouse centerfolds reported less love for their romantic partners than men who saw images of abstract art. Since then, this study has been cited frequently as evidence of the damaging effects of porn. However, I’ve always had some concerns about this study and everything that has been made of it in the media, which I expressed a few years back on my blog (see here). It turns out that there’s now even more reason for skepticism in light of the fact that a group of researchers who just tried to replicate this finding couldn’t.

Source: 3 Studies Refute Idea that Exposure to Sexy Centerfolds Harms Men’s Relationships — Sex And Psychology