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Germany To Offer “Go Home” Payments to Failed Asylum Seekers

I’m sure there won’t be any unintended consequences from this at all…

Germany is offering thousands of euros to rejected asylum seekers who voluntarily return home.

The scheme, which the government has dubbed “Your country. Your future. Now!” will run until February next year. Individual migrants can receive up to €1,000 ($1,185) if they voluntarily return home, while families can receive up to €3,000 to do the same. The assistance is meant to help reintegrate rejected asylum seekers in their home countries. The refugees, which were unsuccessful in their applications, could also get subsidized housing for a year—to help pay rent, home renovations, or get basic equipment for a kitchen or a bathroom.

via Germany is offering to pay rejected asylum seekers to go home — Quartz

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Paul Ryan’s $700 A Year Savings Plan

So Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, tweeted this…


Let’s meet Cindy, shall we?  At $30,000 she’s living paycheck to paycheck.

If we divide that massive windfall of $700 into 52 paychecks, she now makes (not takes home) an additional $13 a week.

Yeah that’s future-proofing, Mr. Ryan.

But let’s assume that this woman living paycheck to paycheck saves ALL of that $700 a year.

If she’s 25, and retires at 65, that’s 40 years of $700 a year.  That’s $28,000 in savings when she retires assuming all other things stay constant.

If she’s living paycheck to paycheck on $30,000, saves EVERY dollar of your “cut” to her taxes, and keeps saving for 40 years, she’ll not have enough to live her current paycheck to paycheck lifestyle based on inflation being where it is today.

Good plan, sir.  Good plan.



Imagine the entitlement…

Just think about this for a second…  You call a Doctor’s office and there is no one there who speaks Spanish.  You then accuse the doctor of racism.


“She’s a racist to people that don’t speak English and has to treat all equal because she studies to save lives it’s sad to come across these kinds of doctors that say they’re professionals.”

Well apparently this piece of human excrement doesn’t speak Spanish too well either.

Imagine the entitlement mentality, though, that says because someone doesn’t speak your secondary (to the rest of the country) language they’re racist.  Un-frigging-believable.


Consumerist Continues Fear-Mongering on Spinners

Two weeks ago, they had an article on how spinners were dangerous.  Now?  They explode.  Gee, I wonder if the fact that anything spinner-related gets clicks has anything to do with their sudden fear-mongering over spinners?

Nah; they’re reputable you guys and owned by Consumer Reports.  They would never do that.

Source: Fidget Spinners Not Just Exploding In Popularity, But Literally Exploding With Fire – Consumerist


Fear-Stoking “Group” Warns of Fidget Spinner Dangers

Live in fear, y’all…  Everything can hurt your precious children…

Fidget spinners, which gained popularity this year, top the group’s list of “Summer Safety Traps” that parents and other caregivers should watch out for this summer.What’s wrong with fidget spinners? They might seem pretty harmless, but once there are enough of any toy out on the market, someone is going to be harmed. There are two documented cases of kids choking on spinners that fell apart, one of whom had to have a plastic piece removed from her esophagus.“Do not be lulled into a false sense of security that a toy is safe simply because it is popular,” the group’s president warned.

Source: Any Toy, No Matter How Fun Or Popular, Can Be Dangerous – Consumerist