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If Only The People Held Castro and Maduro In Contempt He Showed Trump

Some of us, Americans who’ve been critical of Trump’s scandal-ridden leadership, especially reveled in the moment when the pope, known for his charismatic demeanor, stood for protocol pictures with Trump and his black-dressed, black-veiled family and made his displeasure known to the world with stoic facial features.

But, after the moment of guilty pleasure, all I could think about was this: If only Pope Francis had treated dictators Raúl and Fidel Castro with the same disdain in Cuba.

Source: Dour-faced with President Trump, Pope Francis engaged Raúl and Fidel Castro with friendliness | Miami Herald

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Trump Allows Churches And Religious Groups To Act Politically Without Consequences From The IRS

The White House did not release the full text of the order, and it was not clear just how the pledges would be carried out. The order, which essentially would make it even less likely that a religious organization would lose its tax-exempt status because of a political endorsement, falls short of what religious conservatives expected from Trump, who won overwhelming support from evangelicals by promising to “protect Christianity” and religious freedom.

This is beyond ridiculous.  So now organizations that literally contribute nothing to the political process can have a say in things without paying the same taxes that, say, corporations do?

Churches should either pay taxes and say what they want, or not pay taxes and shut the fuck up and your vig for not being outwardly political is that removal of your tax burden.

This is so aggravating, but then again, it does at least give a small pat on the back to Trump’s evangelical base, so I guess it makes sense.


Pope Francis Warns Against ‘Invasion’ of Libertarians

“I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in school and university education,”

Yeah, I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought “Wow, colleges sure are being infiltrated by all these libertarians!”

Moron.  This guy is probably more like Mother Teresa, who thought that suffering brings you closer to God, which means he probably is all for a Venezuela-type situation for everyone.  More starvation = more holiness.

Source: Pope Francis Warns Against ‘Invasion’ of Libertarians