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The Guardian Hates Unpaid Internships; Has Unpaid Internship Program

The Guardian has turned complaining about unpaid internships and the exploitation of interns into a crusade, publishing close to a dozen articles on the subject over the past few years.

However, the publication doesn’t put its money where its mouth is: The paper is offers internships to prospective journalists from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds. The program is unpaid, and students and graduates who take the Guardian up on its offer will only be able to request reimbursement for travel expenses, but not their output.

Source: Hypocrisy Alert: The Guardian Rails Against Unpaid Internships—but Also Offers Them |Heat Street


The Need To Step Out Of The Echo Chamber

Interestingly, post-election and post-Brexit, if anything, people should have learned that the echo chamber can distort your perception of what’s actually going on so badly that it’s imperative to step out of it to be more informed.

Instead, people seem to have descended further into it.  I literally watched one of my friends say “Republicans did really well with uneducated voters so they put Betsy Devos in a position to create more of them.”

Yep.  One guess how they voted?

What is emerging is the worst kind of echo chamber, one where those inside are increasingly convinced that everyone shares their world view, that their ranks are growing when they aren’t. It’s like clockwork: an event happens and then your social media circle is shocked when a non-social media peer group public reacts to news in an unexpected way. They then mock the Other Side for being “out of touch” or “dumb.”

Source: The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. – Medium


CNN Won’t Get White House Love

Of course, Trump’s stance toward CNN is not terribly different from how the Obama administration handled Fox News.  That said, somehow we suspect the mainstream media will be slightly more outraged over Trump’s treatment of CNN than they were over Obama’s hostility toward Fox News over the years.

Yeah, and at the same time the conservatives who went after Obama as a coward probably won’t go after Trump.  It works both ways.

But either way, CNN doesn’t get to have access just because they’re CNN.  If they want to promote fake news they can do that, but the White House is under no obligation to cooperate with any news org.  Just like it wasn’t under Obama or anyone else.

Source: White House Blackballs CNN; Refuses To Send Surrogates On “Fake News” Network | Zero Hedge

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A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning | The Nation

Sorry, but I can’t countenance the idea that people call her a traitor.  I just can’t.  These two things alone should exonerate her in the minds of the people who think she’s a traitor:

• Details on Vatican hiding big sex abuse cases in Ireland.

• US tried to get Spain to curb its probes of Gitmo torture and rendition.

Source: A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning | The Nation


Journalists Shown Their Bubble By Way of Pickup Truck

Even after a presidential election in which scores of media personalities were shown to be entirely disconnected from the country and people they report on, the liberal media bubble is alive and well. All it took to reveal the durability of that bubble was a simple question about pickup trucks.

This story is everything I love about poking the mainstream media.

Source: Journalists Hate Being Informed That They Live In A Truck-Hating Bubble