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DeVos Criticizes School, School Replies, WaPo Ignores The Fact That DeVos Is Right In Pro-School Puff-Piece

A high percentage of the school is not performing at grade level in reading or math, but by all means…  Amplify the voices of the teachers and the administration of this school that is clearly failing.

They never mention how poorly the school performs in this entire story, only how upset the teachers are for being called out on it.

Emma Brown is a terrible journalist.


Source: DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it – The Washington Post


#ZachAttack: How I Faked My Identity To Unmask Harassers In The Progressive Gaming Community – Medium

An incredible story of how two Twitter users baited a bunch of game-industry SJW folks into doxxing, then exposed them for doing so.  I love this story because it demonstrates just how devoid of morals the people who claim to defend the “little guy” really are.

Source: #ZachAttack: How I Faked My Identity To Unmask Harassers In The Progressive Gaming Community – Medium

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A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning | The Nation

Sorry, but I can’t countenance the idea that people call her a traitor.  I just can’t.  These two things alone should exonerate her in the minds of the people who think she’s a traitor:

• Details on Vatican hiding big sex abuse cases in Ireland.

• US tried to get Spain to curb its probes of Gitmo torture and rendition.

Source: A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning | The Nation

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CBS Puts Out Fake News On White House LGBT Page

During Barack Obama’s presidency, if you typed into your browser, you reached a page highlighting the administration’s victories and policy changes regarding LGBT rights. It outlined historic court victories and even featured campaigns like the It Gets Better Project to help LGBT youth.Today, however — just hours after President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as the United States’ 45th president — if you type in, you are redirected to a new “transitionsplash” page.The new page simply invites people to “sign up for updates from President Donald J. Trump.” It makes no mention of LGBT rights. In fact, it appears the White House’s LGBT rights feed has disappeared completely.

Fake news.

The truth: The site is in transition (ironically) and it’s basically a skeleton for now. A fact they admit in literally the last two paragraphs, but then they add the ominous note that “the only question is whether it’s temporary or permanent.”

Source: White House LGBT Page Disappeared After Trump Took Oath – CBS News


Je Suis Full of Crap

Remember how proud and steadfast all the Charlie Hebdo writers were post attack?  That’s gone.

Now, at the second anniversary of the atrocity, one of the magazine’s most prominent figures, Zineb El Rhazoui, has announced that she is leaving the magazine. El Rhazoui, who has been described as “the most protected woman in France” because of the security detail she receives from the French state, has announced that Charlie Hebdo has gone “soft” on Islamic radicalism. She told Agence France-Presse that “Charlie Hebdo died on [7 January 2015].” The magazine had previously had a “capacity to carry the torch of irreverence and absolute liberty” she said. “Freedom at any cost is what I loved about Charlie Hebdo, where I worked through great adversity.’

Source: Is Tolerance A One-Way Street? | Zero Hedge