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If Only The People Held Castro and Maduro In Contempt He Showed Trump

Some of us, Americans who’ve been critical of Trump’s scandal-ridden leadership, especially reveled in the moment when the pope, known for his charismatic demeanor, stood for protocol pictures with Trump and his black-dressed, black-veiled family and made his displeasure known to the world with stoic facial features.

But, after the moment of guilty pleasure, all I could think about was this: If only Pope Francis had treated dictators Raúl and Fidel Castro with the same disdain in Cuba.

Source: Dour-faced with President Trump, Pope Francis engaged Raúl and Fidel Castro with friendliness | Miami Herald

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Arab States Switch From Buying Off Hillary to Buying Off Ivanka

I miss the good old days when only Hillary was selling influence to these scumbags.  Now Ivanka is too.

The World Bank plans to announce Sunday at an event with Ivanka Trump, the U.S. president’s daughter and senior White House adviser, that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have pledged $100 million collectively toward a fund for women who own or want to start businesses, according to people familiar with the announcement.

Source: Arab States Pledge $100M To Ivanka’s Foundation – Joe.My.God.

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Paul Krugman Hated “Mobs” At Town Halls.  In 2009, Of Course

Back in 2009, the media was aghast at the “angry white males” who were showing up at Democratic town hall events and venting their rage (it was often described as rage) at their elected representatives. One progressive commentator who was particularly outraged by this behavior was the NY Times’ Paul Krugman.

Not that I care one way or the other if people want to protest at town hall events, but the difference is that today those people are “exercising their first amendment rights” and doing “grassroots activism.”  In 2009 & 2010, they were astroturfed mobs and most likely racists.

And those two opinions wouldn’t be so interesting in their opposition if they didn’t come out of the same mouth, but then again Krugman is not known for being consistent in his beliefs or opinions.

Source: What happened to Paul Krugman’s concern about town hall civility? – Hot Air Hot Air

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CIA Spies & The French Election

How dare anyone interfere with our elections!  Now we, on the other hand…

All major French political parties were targeted for infiltration by the CIA’s human (“HUMINT”) and electronic (“SIGINT”) spies in the seven months leading up to France’s 2012 presidential election. The revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series. Named specifically as targets are the French Socialist Party (PS), the National Front (FN) and Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) together with current President Francois Hollande, then President Nicolas Sarkozy, current round one presidential front runner Marine Le Pen, and former presidential candidates Martine Aubry and Dominique Strauss-Khan.

Source: WikiLeaks – CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election


Leland Yee Off To Prison

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons,” Yee once said. “I mean that is just so crystal clear.”

It’s so awesome when you see a gungrabber fall for trafficking guns.  Apparently he wasn’t really anti-gun, just anti-competition.

Source: Ex-Calif. State Sen. Leland Yee, gun control champion, heading to prison for weapons trafficking – The Washington Post