Irresponsible Gun Owner Val Demings Talks About Responsible Gun Ownership

Val Demings is an anti-gun activist who, like most of them, owns a gun.  Or owned one, until it got stolen because she was careless.

And it gets worse from there.

She thinks her first amendment rights are more important than you plebes.  Or her second amendment rights.  Maybe she meant that.  Who knows?

Source: Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: ‘My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours’ | Daily Wire


In Colorado Springs You Need A Gun Because Police Are 11 Minutes Away or More

If you live in Colorado Springs, you absolutely had better be strapped because the “life saving police” are 11 minutes, or more, away.

Never leave your safety in the hands of others.

The Colorado Springs Police department released its most recent month-end response time report comparing 2017 to both 2016 and 2015.

The response times are broken up into three categories, priority one, two and three. Priority one represents an imminent life-threatening situation. Priority two calls are situations that will be classifies as critical, and will include in-progress calls with potentially dangerous circumstance, but no apparent imminent life threat. Priority three calls represent in-progress incidents involving property and “cold” incidents against a person. Priority three calls can be in-progress, just-occurred, a past event or a cold call.

At the end of April 2017:

Priority 1’s: 11 min 41 sec (48.24% of the time first unit on scene within 8 min) – citywide (consists of queue time 4:26 & travel time 7:14)

-Gold Hill:11 min 14 sec (queue time 4:30 & travel time 6:43)
-Sand Creek: 10 min 13 sec (queue time 4:11 & travel time 6:01)
-Falcon: 12 min 46 sec (queue time 4:27 & travel time 8:19)
-Stetson Hills: 13 min 13 sec (queue time 4:41 & travel time 8:31)

Source: Colorado Springs police release response time report


Wherein an Uninformed Gungrabber Proposes Banning…  Something…

Here’s the comment I left:

“Why do we need untraceable firearms.”

Well… Need notwithstanding, how do you propose stopping something whose source of production cannot be determined? They are untraceable. It’s right there in the name, which leads to the idea of a ban of something you can’t determine the source of.

For a ban of these “ghost guns” to work, one would have to ban 3D printers, CNC machines, and the sharing of files on the internet with the plans.

Even when we know the source of “bad things” like during prohibition, banning things doesn’t work. We can’t even keep illicit drugs out of prisons.

Additionally, Diane Dimond demonstrates a breathtaking lack of knowledge in calling for a ban because she doesn’t even understand what would have to be banned in the first place.

Source: Ghost Guns Gotta Go | The Rockland County Times