After Prompting, Colbert’s Audience Goes from Applauding Comey’s Firing To Jeering It

Quick, Stephen, what are we supposed to think?  Tell us so we have the right position!

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert (of ‘cock holster’ infamy) informed his audience Tuesday evening at the taping of the Late Show of the then-breaking news that FBI Director James Comey had just been fired by President Donald Trump. Colbert’s liberal audience erupted in wild cheers at the news that their defeated 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s nemesis (over his handling of Clinton’s email investigation) was finally dealt justice.

A stunned Colbert rebuked the audience, waving a shaming finger at them and saying, “Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight.”

The liberal sheep in the Colbert audience got the message and then proceeded to jeer Trump as Colbert went through a litany of remarks and jokes attacking Trump over the sudden firing of Comey–including a sex joke about Trump that was not as crude and profane as Colbert’s ‘Trump’s mouth is Putin’s cock holster‘ jibe.

Source: Video: Liberal Crowd at Colbert Show CHEERS Comey Firing–Then Sheepishly Changes to Jeering Trump After Colbert Shames Them


“Hot Girls Wanted” Producers Catching Crap

In explaining to Variety why she thinks sex workers are criticizing the film, Gradus, who also directed and produced the original documentary, accused them of doing so under coercion from nefarious behind-the-scenes porn industry folk. “The industry is very defensive about people coming in and shining a light on the industry and doing stories about it,” she said. “The allegations that have come out are probably the result of pressure they are feeling to stand in solidarity with the industry.”

Or, as people who I know in the industry have said, the movie is completely full of shit and distorts a few bad cases as being indicative of an entire industry and then they watched you leeches try and capitalize on it.

Source: Sexploitative Feminism: Hot Girls Wanted and How Not to Apologize for Mistreating Porn Stars – Hit & Run : Reason.com