Big Government, Dumb Laws

South Dakota Legalizes License-Free Hair Braiding

Because without government, who would stop unscrupulous people from dangerously styling your hair?

Thanks to legislation signed today, South Dakotans no longer need the government’s permission to braid hair. Signed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard, the bill, HB 1048, exempts natural hair braiders from the state’s thicket of cosmetology regulations.

Previously, braiders faced the toughest law in the nation. Before anyone could work twisting or braiding hair, they first had to obtain a cosmetology license. That license requires at least 2,100 hours of training, which can cost nearly $15,000 in tuition. Meanwhile, braiding without a permission slip from the government could lead to fines and even jail time. Adding to the absurdity, many cosmetology schools don’t even teach African-style braiding techniques, and those that do dedicate almost no time to the subject.

Source: South Dakota Just Legalized Braiding Hair Without A License

Dumb Laws

10 Years For Soliciting In CT? Maybe.

The funny part is the Rep that made this move says she’s outraged that women are still unjustly persecuted due to sex crime laws, but this law literally does nothing to stop that, it just criminalizes the “men” also.

But then again, that does seem to be the modern standard for justice: don’t fix the problem, enhance it so that it ruins everyone.

Source: Soliciting Sex Could Lead to 10 Years Prison in Connecticut – Hit & Run :