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Lesbian and Straight Twin Sisters Might Unlock Sexual Orientation Once And For All

This is fascinating stuff; you can’t get a more closely comparable genetic makeup than identical twins.  If sexual orientation is, in fact, genetic, then this might be the key to figuring out how it manifests itself in DNA.

A lesbian twin and her straight sister have been studied by scientists who are searching for answers about human sexuality.

Researchers hoping to identify genetic and environmental factors associated with sexuality hit the jackpot when they discovered identical twins Sarah Nunn, who is attracted to men, and Rosie Albewhite, who is attracted to women.

The 29-year-old sisters were investigated by scientists as part of a study aiming to learn more about how sexuality develops in childhood.

Of course I’ve always said this might end badly, as well, because once parents can determine a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality they might just decide to not have the child at all.

via Lesbian and her straight identical twin sister may hold key to human sexuality | New York Post

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