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Paul Ryan’s $700 A Year Savings Plan

So Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, tweeted this…


Let’s meet Cindy, shall we?  At $30,000 she’s living paycheck to paycheck.

If we divide that massive windfall of $700 into 52 paychecks, she now makes (not takes home) an additional $13 a week.

Yeah that’s future-proofing, Mr. Ryan.

But let’s assume that this woman living paycheck to paycheck saves ALL of that $700 a year.

If she’s 25, and retires at 65, that’s 40 years of $700 a year.  That’s $28,000 in savings when she retires assuming all other things stay constant.

If she’s living paycheck to paycheck on $30,000, saves EVERY dollar of your “cut” to her taxes, and keeps saving for 40 years, she’ll not have enough to live her current paycheck to paycheck lifestyle based on inflation being where it is today.

Good plan, sir.  Good plan.


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GOP Tax Plan Predicated on 5% GDP Growth

Let this sink in for a second.  As the GOP pushes its terrible no good very bad tax plan, all assumptions for its impact on the economy and the national debt assumes 5% GDP growth year over year.

The chart below represents the last 5 years of the economy.  Notice anything problematic with a 5% growth rate prediction?historical.png

Since no one is economically literate in this country any more, don’t expect to hear this on the talking head networks or from your dumb uncle on Facebook.

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NY City Councilman Wants to Extend Term Limits

Boy they sure do like their positions of little work and lots of power, don’t they?

A candidate for City Council speaker has drafted a bill to extend term limits for the Council to three terms.

Councilman Jumaane Williams plans to introduce the legislation by the end of the year to allow Council members to serve three four-year terms instead of the current two, if voters approve the idea in a referendum.

Williams is among eight candidates running for Council speaker — all of whom have said they’d support giving their fellow pols a third term.

Of course the city has voted FOR term limits 3 times, even though Bloomberg decided he deserved a third term and got the Council to give him one.

But hey.  Democracy.  The people.  All that.

via City Council speaker candidate wants to extend term limits – NY Daily News


Imagine the entitlement…

Just think about this for a second…  You call a Doctor’s office and there is no one there who speaks Spanish.  You then accuse the doctor of racism.


“She’s a racist to people that don’t speak English and has to treat all equal because she studies to save lives it’s sad to come across these kinds of doctors that say they’re professionals.”

Well apparently this piece of human excrement doesn’t speak Spanish too well either.

Imagine the entitlement mentality, though, that says because someone doesn’t speak your secondary (to the rest of the country) language they’re racist.  Un-frigging-believable.


The NFL Is Sinking. Fast.

Now, suddenly, the league that was once for everyone seems to be in crisis. Worse, it has no natural constituency. Liberals think it’s dangerous, classist, totalitarian, and cruel. Conservatives think it’s pandering, too “politically correct.” A lot of this is attributable, like so much else, to the president. Dozens of players were protesting the first two weeks of the season, but no one seemed to care … until Trump’s weekend tweetstorm from his golf club back in September. But the fact that we’re even framing this in political terms — the idea that a game in which people throw a ball and tackle each other has somehow become another thing for us all to yell at each other about from our ideological corners — is a large part of the problem. You can no longer watch the NFL without thinking of everything swirling around it off the field. The bigger problem for the league is: So many people just aren’t watching at all.

Make no mistake; the NFL’s biggest problem is the NFL.  If they’d just shut up and play football, the ratings would be fine.  The more they do that isn’t football, the more the ratings tank.  That’s not a coincidence.

via Leitch: Is This the End of the NFL?

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Eminem Is Upset Trump Didn’t Respond To His Corny Rap

I actually thought this was parody until I saw it was in Newsweek…

“I was and still am extremely angry,” Eminem said on his XM radio station. “I can’t stand that motherf**ker. I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.”

Imagine a guy being so un-self aware that he does a corny-ass freestyle rap wherein he chides the President for tweeting, then complains that he isn’t tweeting in response to some rapper doing said corny-ass rap.

Then again, high levels of intelligence aren’t usually associated with the music industry anyway.

via Eminem Is ‘Extremely Angry’ at Trump for Not Tweeting about His Freestyle Diss