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230 Civilians Killed In One Syrian City By Coalition Strikes

Good thing we’re stopping the oppressive Syrian government from killing its civilians…

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the International Coalition warplanes carried out after midnight of yesterday the 28th of June 2017, three new raids targeted Al-Mayadeen city located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where the first raid targeted an empty house the “Islamic State” organization seized it earlier in al-Mahareem neighbourhood…

Source: More than 230 civilian casualties killed by Coalition warplanes in the “capital of al-Khair State” in about 40 days of bombing escalation on the city – #SOHR

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Child Sentenced To Die By Totally Not a Death Panel Y’all

Boy, it sure is a good thing that death panels in countries with socialized health care are a myth otherwise this case, which clearly could not have happened ever, would be disturbing.

For those of you unfamiliar with the details of an awful story unfolding in Great Britain, little Charlie Gard is a ten-month baby who suffers from a rare genetic condition. In spite of the fact that he also has brain damage, Charlie is extraordinarily fortunate to have something else, as well—loving parents who refused to give up on him, and instead fundraised nearly 1.4 million British pounds so they could take him to the United States to undergo a therapy trial.

But that was before Charlie was sentenced to death by British doctors—and that sentence was upheld by the courts, culminating in the final rejection of the final desperate appeal of Chris Gard and Connie Yates by the European Court of Human Rights.

Source: The European Court of Human Rights sentences a little British boy to death | The Bridgehead

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“Tone Policing” And The Left’s Anger Privelege | Zero Hedge

There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t.

James Hodgkinson’s rage was socially acceptable. It continued to be socially acceptable until he crossed the line into murder. And he’s not alone. There’s Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Dallas, and Gavin Long, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Baton Rouge. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about the Terror travel ban, the Paris Climate treaty, ObamaCare repeal or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels. But if you’re white and angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable.

If you’re an angry leftist, your party leader, Tom Perez will scream and curse into a microphone, and your aspiring presidential candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, will curse along, to channel the anger of the base. But if you’re an angry conservative, then Trump channeling your anger is “dangerous” because you aren’t allowed to be angry.

Not all anger is created equal. Some anger is privileged rage.

Read the rest.

Source: “Tone Policing” And The Left’s Anger Privelege | Zero Hedge

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After Making Tuition Free, New York Is Raising It For People Left to Pay

The question of “how are they going to pay for it?” is starting to be answered.

ALBANY – If you’re not getting free SUNY tuition this fall, you will be paying more.The state University of New York this week quietly voted to raise tuition by $200 on students who are not eligible for the free tuition program, called the Excelsior Scholarship, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature instituted in April for households who earn less than $100,000 a year.

So for those students whose household income is more than $100,000 and who attend four-year colleges, their tuition will grow from $6,470 to $6,670 this fall, a 3 percent increase. The state’s community colleges set their own tuition.

But then comes the money shot, presented with nary a hint of irony.

SUNY officials said the higher tuition is needed to pay for courses as costs rise.

So in a climate where the cost of offering courses has risen, the best remedy for that was simply making it free?  Think about this for a second; they had to raise tuition on those left to pay it who didn’t qualify for the handout while telling others they had no obligation to pay for their education whatsoever.

How can any one look at this as sane, fair, or at the very least moral?

Source: SUNY tuition to rise $200 – if you don’t get it for free

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Congress Wants Even More Military Money Than Trump’s Already-Ridiculous Increase

Spending more than six times the next largest world military just isn’t enough any more.

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees are planning to propose a defense budget of $640 billion for 2018, a $37 billion increase over the Trump administration’s $603 billion request.

House Armed Services chairman Mac Thornberry told reporters Thursday he plans to set the topline of the House’s annual defense authorization bill to $640 billion, along with a $65 billion war budget. And Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain also plans to set his committee’s bill at $640 billion, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

Source: Congress proposes defense budget $37 billion higher than Trump’s –


Fear-Stoking “Group” Warns of Fidget Spinner Dangers

Live in fear, y’all…  Everything can hurt your precious children…

Fidget spinners, which gained popularity this year, top the group’s list of “Summer Safety Traps” that parents and other caregivers should watch out for this summer.What’s wrong with fidget spinners? They might seem pretty harmless, but once there are enough of any toy out on the market, someone is going to be harmed. There are two documented cases of kids choking on spinners that fell apart, one of whom had to have a plastic piece removed from her esophagus.“Do not be lulled into a false sense of security that a toy is safe simply because it is popular,” the group’s president warned.

Source: Any Toy, No Matter How Fun Or Popular, Can Be Dangerous – Consumerist