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Macron? Le Pen? Peas In A Pod. Mostly.

It should be noted that their only difference was on the EU, what they “accepted” as far as the risk of terrorism, and how they wanted to deal with mass immigration and refugees.  It’s not like those aren’t important, but yes, on major policies, they were nearly identical.

The French were really in a “no win” situation when it came to deciding between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

It’s honestly pretty amusing to see how some friends of mine are going ape over Le Pen’s loss, wailing that France is lost because a so-called “centrist” was elected president. Those freaking out need to have a reality check. National Front has only two members in the Parliament, so it’s not like Le Pen could have rammed her policies through Parliament (specifically the leaving NATO and EU, or the immigration policies). She would have also been hamstrung in picking a Prime Minister because Parliament can dismiss the PM if they don’t like them. Le Pen would have the power to dismiss the National Assembly, but that probably would have completely backfired (Jacques Chirac tried this in 1997 and failed horribly).

But Le Pen and Macron’s policies are not necessarily that different from an economic standpoint

Source: The French were in a “no win” situation – Hot Air Hot Air

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