In Colorado Springs You Need A Gun Because Police Are 11 Minutes Away or More

If you live in Colorado Springs, you absolutely had better be strapped because the “life saving police” are 11 minutes, or more, away.

Never leave your safety in the hands of others.

The Colorado Springs Police department released its most recent month-end response time report comparing 2017 to both 2016 and 2015.

The response times are broken up into three categories, priority one, two and three. Priority one represents an imminent life-threatening situation. Priority two calls are situations that will be classifies as critical, and will include in-progress calls with potentially dangerous circumstance, but no apparent imminent life threat. Priority three calls represent in-progress incidents involving property and “cold” incidents against a person. Priority three calls can be in-progress, just-occurred, a past event or a cold call.

At the end of April 2017:

Priority 1’s: 11 min 41 sec (48.24% of the time first unit on scene within 8 min) – citywide (consists of queue time 4:26 & travel time 7:14)

-Gold Hill:11 min 14 sec (queue time 4:30 & travel time 6:43)
-Sand Creek: 10 min 13 sec (queue time 4:11 & travel time 6:01)
-Falcon: 12 min 46 sec (queue time 4:27 & travel time 8:19)
-Stetson Hills: 13 min 13 sec (queue time 4:41 & travel time 8:31)

Source: Colorado Springs police release response time report

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