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Private Company Writes Immigrant Detention Law; Built Prisons They’d Be Detained In

Republican State Rep. John Raney admitted to the Associated Press that Geo Group officials wrote the legislation. “I’ve known the lady who’s their lobbyist for a long time. … That’s where the legislation came from,” said Raney. “We don’t make things up. People bring things to us and ask us to help.” There’s companion legislation in the state House and Senate.

Imagine having a job that’s so unimportant to you that you don’t even do it?

Stories like this happen all the time, but the particularly galling part of this one is that the bill was even written by the company that would benefit from it and the State Representative who it was handed off to didn’t deny it or didn’t find it something worthy of concealing.

Private prisons must be stopped.  Imprisoning for profit must be stopped.  Period.

Source: Private Prison Corporation Wrote Texas Bill Extending How Long Immigrant Children Can Be Detained

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