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Richard Spencer Raked For Dissing Football

Last week, Richard Spencer, America’s most media-hungry white nationalist, gave a speech at Auburn University, which is best known for producing Tim Cook, of Apple; Octavia Spencer, of this year’s Academy Award nominees; and a whole lot of rabid football fans. Auburn is in Alabama, where college-football Saturdays are considerably holier than churchgoing Sundays, so it was odd when Spencer veered from his usual talking points about the perils of diversity to end his remarks by condemning the university pastime. “If I could wave a magic wand, I would absolutely ban football,” Spencer told the crowd, which, as you might imagine, booed. Spencer said that sports “can be a wonderful thing,” adding that “they are something deeply Western, something that you can read about in Homer,” while neglecting to add that you can also read about them in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Spencer went on to make the reasonable point that sports fans are “covering up some hole in ourselves” by devoting so much of their emotional energy to a team they are not a part of, playing a game that ultimately doesn’t matter; but he said the issue was not a waste of time or resources, but rather that cheering for a sports team put people in a position of “rooting on people that you have no connection to.” Translation: Sports are bad because they make white sports fans interact with, and perhaps even think fondly of, black athletes.

Well that’s an interesting take, especially from a magazine that utterly ignored Meryl Streep criticizing football and MMA as beneath her, both of which are predominantly participated in by minorities.

But hey.  That doesn’t fit the narrative.

Source: Why Richard Spencer Wants to Ban Football

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