Wherein an Uninformed Gungrabber Proposes Banning…  Something…

Here’s the comment I left:

“Why do we need untraceable firearms.”

Well… Need notwithstanding, how do you propose stopping something whose source of production cannot be determined? They are untraceable. It’s right there in the name, which leads to the idea of a ban of something you can’t determine the source of.

For a ban of these “ghost guns” to work, one would have to ban 3D printers, CNC machines, and the sharing of files on the internet with the plans.

Even when we know the source of “bad things” like during prohibition, banning things doesn’t work. We can’t even keep illicit drugs out of prisons.

Additionally, Diane Dimond demonstrates a breathtaking lack of knowledge in calling for a ban because she doesn’t even understand what would have to be banned in the first place.

Source: Ghost Guns Gotta Go | The Rockland County Times

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