The Need To Step Out Of The Echo Chamber

Interestingly, post-election and post-Brexit, if anything, people should have learned that the echo chamber can distort your perception of what’s actually going on so badly that it’s imperative to step out of it to be more informed.

Instead, people seem to have descended further into it.  I literally watched one of my friends say “Republicans did really well with uneducated voters so they put Betsy Devos in a position to create more of them.”

Yep.  One guess how they voted?

What is emerging is the worst kind of echo chamber, one where those inside are increasingly convinced that everyone shares their world view, that their ranks are growing when they aren’t. It’s like clockwork: an event happens and then your social media circle is shocked when a non-social media peer group public reacts to news in an unexpected way. They then mock the Other Side for being “out of touch” or “dumb.”

Source: The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. – Medium

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