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City Makes Specialized High School Test Easier

Because that’s how you ensure quality in admissions: lower the bar.

Major changes are coming to the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) in fall 2017.

The test, which hasn’t changed in two decades, is taken by eighth-graders seeking admission to Staten Island Technical High School, New Dorp; Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School, and six other specialized high schools in the city.

Among the changes announced this week:

  • It will now take three hours for students to complete, instead of two and a half.

  • The verbal section, now renamed the English Language Arts section, will no longer have scrambled paragraph or logical reasoning questions, which were not commonly taught in city high school classes.  Instead, it will focus on editing and revising sentences.

  • The math portion of the test will include five additional non-multiple choice questions where students have to show their work.

Source: City revises test for admission to Staten Island Tech, specialized high schools |

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