John McCain’s “dictator” talk ignores reality and his own past with the media « Hot Air

It’s also worth noting that Senator McCain seems to have either a particularly forgiving nature or a short memory. I’m old enough to remember the autumn of 2008 when McCain was making his own bid for the presidency. At that time, the same media outlets who are now lionizing him for his brave stance in standing up against him Trump were declaring him unfit for the office. To listen to their remarks and commentary in the final weeks of that race was to be treated to an endless series of tirades declaring that the very idea of voting for McCain over Barack Obama was laughable.

I’d go with early-onset senility.

Source: John McCain’s “dictator” talk ignores reality and his own past with the media « Hot Air


Janet Yellen Lies About Why The Market Is Rising

Yellen argues that it’s because investors are expecting some kind of government action that will stimulate growth.  The only problem?  She’s lying.

What’s really behind the market growth?  The fact that world governments are investing in the market because it’s the only way to get returns.  The US government does it because the bond market is flat.  The Japanese Government is doing it because they need to pump up their rapidly inflating currency.

Banks around the world, as well as governments (and in some countries, the official banks of their respective countries) are taking the valueless over-inflated currency and stashing it in the market in order to get a return, and they’re even looking to do more.

So no, Janet Yellen, the market isn’t expanding because of policy.  It’s expanding because of policy failures and desperation.  It’s a bubble whose pop is going to make 2008 / 2009 look like dropping a twenty out of your pocket while walking to work.

Source: Yellen may have the clearest explanation for the stock market’s record run – MarketWatch

Education, Journalism

DeVos Criticizes School, School Replies, WaPo Ignores The Fact That DeVos Is Right In Pro-School Puff-Piece

A high percentage of the school is not performing at grade level in reading or math, but by all means…  Amplify the voices of the teachers and the administration of this school that is clearly failing.

They never mention how poorly the school performs in this entire story, only how upset the teachers are for being called out on it.

Emma Brown is a terrible journalist.


Source: DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it – The Washington Post

Men's Rights

Judge: Cornell caused ‘actual harm’ to student accused of sexual assault – Watchdog.org

In November 2016, a male Cornell University student filed a complaint against the university for refusing to immediately investigate his claim of gender bias. Now a judge has ruled that Cornell acted in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner by refusing to follow its own anti-discrimination policy, which caused the male accused student “actual harm.”

If you oppose men’s rights, you oppose men getting equal treatment in situations like this.  Also, you suck.

Source: Judge: Cornell caused ‘actual harm’ to student accused of sexual assault – Watchdog.org


Principles? Nah.  I’m Just Mad Cause It’s My Guy

We’ve written a few times about Rep. Devin Nunes, who heads the House Intelligence Committee. He’s been a long-time vocal supporter of NSA surveillance. He insisted that there was no need for reform after the Snowden leaks and he actively misled the public and other members of Congress to shoot down an amendment that would have stopped so-called backdoor searches of “incidentally collected” information on Americans. Nunes falsely claimed that by blocking backdoor searches of the 702 database, it would have blocked things such as tracking whether or not the Orlando nightclub shooter had overseas contacts (it would not have done that at all).

So it’s fairly hilarious to see that Nunes’ first reaction to the news of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s resignation was to demand answers on why Flynn’s calls with Russian officials were recorded.

Source: Oh, Sure, Suddenly Now The House Intelligence Boss Is Concerned About Surveillance… Of Mike Flynn | Techdirt


Washington Supreme Court Believes You Can’t Choose Who You Do Business With

Today the Washington Supreme Court unanimously upheld the fines against florist Baronelle Stutzman for refusing to sell flowers to a long-time customer for his same-sex wedding. Even though the court acknowledged that Stutzman “has served gay and lesbian customers in the past for other, non-wedding-related flower orders,” it found that she had violated the state’s public-accommodations law. In doing so, it rejected her claims regarding the freedom of speech, association, and religious exercise in the face of a legal requirement that businesses not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Source: Washington Supreme Court Unanimously Treads on Important Freedoms | Cato @ Liberty