Social Justice

Women Felt Threatened At The Womens’ March. By Women.

While hundreds of thousands of marchers felt like they were getting their message out during the Washington D.C. Women’s March Saturday, not everyone enjoyed the experience.“It was a brutal day,” Kristina Hernandez, director of communications for the anti-abortion organization Students for Life, told USA TODAY after the march.Hernandez said that the group of around 50 people she was marching with were harassed because of the signs they were carrying which said “Abortion betrays women.”“I did not feel safe at all,” Hernandez continued. She added that the unexpectedly large turnout for the march made it “so overwhelming.”

Source: For one anti-abortion group, women’s march was ‘brutal’


Gold Star Families Suddenly Not Important To The MSM

Changing the tone…

Ryan Manion, who lost her brother in Iraq in 2007 and Amy Looney, whose husband died in Afghanistan in 2010, were spat upon by anti-Trump protestors while walking into and leaving the American Legion’s Salute to American Heroes Inaugural Gala Friday night. According to Manion, whose Facebook post on the incident has been shared almost 2,000 times, they were not black-bloc-style rioters but mostly regular protesters, and many of them were women.

Do I know this happened?  Of course not.  Do I know that if it did it wouldn’t be anywhere near as important as the Khan family’s “disrespect” at the hands of Donald Trump?  You’re damned right it wouldn’t be.

Source: Anti-Trump Protestors Spat On Gold Star Family Members

Dumb Laws

10 Years For Soliciting In CT? Maybe.

The funny part is the Rep that made this move says she’s outraged that women are still unjustly persecuted due to sex crime laws, but this law literally does nothing to stop that, it just criminalizes the “men” also.

But then again, that does seem to be the modern standard for justice: don’t fix the problem, enhance it so that it ruins everyone.

Source: Soliciting Sex Could Lead to 10 Years Prison in Connecticut – Hit & Run :


Hastert Wants Hush Money Back

Jailed former House Speaker Dennis Hastert says a man who accused him of sexual abuse should return $1.7 million in hush money because he broke his silence by talking to the feds.The demand was made in Hastert’s response to a lawsuit filed by the accuser, known only as Individual A, who is trying to recoup the rest of the money the politician promised him.


Source: Dennis Hastert Wants Sex-Abuse Accuser to Return Hush Money – NBC News


Obama Did Not Leave A Strong Economy Behind

Q2’s US GDP growth data just crushed President Obama’s ‘fiction-peddling’ that everything is awesome and those doom-and-gloom reality-pushers are cynical skeptics. Simply put, average annual growth rate during the current ‘Obamanomics’ business cycle remains the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949 leaving the orator-in-chief on track to be the only President in U.S. history to never have a single year when the economy grew by at least 3%.

Source: Barack Obama Will Be The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth | Zero Hedge