Cat Domestication Is Different From That Of Dogs

Unlike dogs, whose bodies and temperaments have transformed radically during the roughly 30,000 years we’ve lived with them, domestic cats are almost identical to their wild counterparts—physically and genetically. House cats also show none of the typical signs of animal domestication, such as infantilization of facial features, decreased tooth size, and docility. Wildcats are neither social nor hierarchical, which also makes them hard to integrate into human communities.

Source: Cats are an extreme outlier among domestic animals | Ars Technica

Men's Rights

“Diverse” Ken Lacks Body Diversity, No Complaints Heard

I noticed that there’s no concern for body image of men like there is when every feminist whined that Barbie’s body was unrealistic for women.  But then again, who gives a shit if men have body image issues?  We just ignore them.  Because screw men, right?

Unrealistic body expectations are only a problem with breasts and a vagina attached to them.

Source: A Ken Doll With a Man-Bun and Distressed Jeans Ushers In Mattel’s New Line of Diverse Ken Dolls

Fake News

CNN Stages Fake Protest, And It’s Caught On Video

Full video at the link, but it includes some real gems including the person holding the mic showing the “protesters” where to stand and a clear shot of the utterly empty street behind that’s hidden to give the impression that the crowd is dense.

Absolutely 100% disgusting.

Source: CNN Caught Staging Fake News – Trots Out Anti-ISIS Muslims To Express Outrage After London Attacks | Zero Hedge

Politics, Scary

Obama Routinely And Egregiously Violated The Fourth Amendment: FISA Court

Obama lied, his agencies spied…

A newly released court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) found that the National Security Agency, under former President Obama, routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall.  In describing the violations, the FISA court said the illegal searches conducted by the NSA under Obama were “widespread” and created a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

These new discoveries come from a recently unsealed FISA court document dated April 26, 2017 and center around a hearing dated October 26, 2017, just days before the 2016 election, in which the FISA court apparently learned for the first time of “widespread” and illegal spying on American citizens by the NSA under the Obama administration.

Source: FISA Court Finds “Serious Fourth Amendment Issue” In Obama’s “Widespread” Illegal Searches Of American Citizens | Zero Hedge


Chelsea Clinton Says Rape is “Not funny. Ever;” Her Mom Famously Laughed About Child Rape

President Rodrigo Duterte has made another rape joke and got slammed for it by women’s rights defenders and the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.“Not funny. Ever,” Chelsea Clinton first said on Twitter on Friday, responding to a tweet about Mr. Duterte’s joke by The New York Times’ chief White House correspondent Peter Baker.

Her outrage rings hollow, though, as her mother famously laughed about getting off a child rapist including chuckling about getting him a lenient sentence, knowing he lied and watching him pass a polygraph, and so on.  Even Snopes, who will never not take a moment to tell you how your criticism of Hillary is wrong, says that’s the case.

Source: Clinton daughter, others slam rape joke: ‘Not funny. Ever’ | Inquirer News